WILLA (full feature film)

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"Willa" - Feature Film

Written & Directed by Christopher Birk
Based on the short story by Stephen King

David goes to find his girlfriend, Willa. She has left him at a train station with a group of people after their train derailed. When David finds her, he learns the horrifying truth about why they cannot stay at the station.

Clayton Watson
Sara Hogrefe
Theodore Bouloukos
Susan Kirby
Barbara Linton
Gregory Brown
Jane M. Brown
Amanda Marklin
Licia James Zegar
Jennifer Fouche
Felix Flores
Erik Jordan Meyers

Directed by: Christopher Birk
Produced by: Christopher Birk & Nathaniel Kramer
Cinematography by: Nathaniel Kramer
Sound: Nick Bohun, Joseph Watson
Makeup: Mina Ghoraishi
Music: Christoffer Sandberg, David Helpling, Ken Weissman
Makeup Effects: Jason Milani