Russian Mafia Scare Prank

Все видео канала NormelTV2014-07-06 03:56

You don't fuck with Russian mafia. Пранк с русской мафией



This prank was really hard to execute. It took a lot of time, energy and money to make it good. But we made it. The police was involved several times but we were able to finish it. Hope you enjoy this video just as much as we enjoyed filming it.

People who were masked was either not willing to be showed on the internet or the one who we couldn't catch and tell that it was a prank. On the last reaction we used a watermelon filled with blueberry-soup and fake blood.

Thanks to Johannes Gustafsson helping us film the prank and participate in our sketch.

We are just two Russian guys who live in Sweden and do awesome vids. En-f*cking-joy.

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