Kiwistar and Josh & Le Chat - tennis swing (Makks D Remix)

Все видео канала Kiwistar2013-07-09 20:35

The first EP released by KIWISTAR & JOSH ET LE CHAT

Kiwistar is an electro-swing DJ and creator of the ColorSwing party in Paris. He already has released various tracks like The Artist is a spider or Caro Emerald -- Stuck (Kiwistar "Club Edit" Remix. He was elected best DJ electro-swing at the Electro Swing People's Favourite in December 2011.
Josh et le Chat are the new residents of the Electro Swing Club (London) set by the famous Chris Tofu. This allowed them to play amongst other with The Correspondents and Sweet Life Society.
Josh Torrent is an accomplished musician and DJ. He already has worked with many artists such as Ludwig Amadeus, Roxy Rawson and is also co-founder of the band Obey!
Noëllie (le Chat) is a young photographer, she has worked on many projects with Josh as a photographer or as a graphic designer.
Le Chat joins them in live and she's the official graphic designer of the trio.

Composed by Kiwistar and Josh Torrent, Tennis Swing is their first EP.