The ULTIMATE DVD vs Blu-ray 1080p Screenshot Comparison Video

Все видео канала Zaranyzerak2010-03-16 17:00

Well now. THIS is long overdue! I was getting tired of people leaving comments on my old screenshot comparison vid complaining that it was only 720p. Well kiddies, YouTube only HAD 720p at the time that video was made, and didn't introduce 1080p until a few months after it was posted. If I could go back in time and change things I would. Instead, I decided to do the next best thing and put together this EPIC updated edition for you! Not only is this baby FULL 1080p, and includes shots from several MORE movies that weren't in the previous vid (with a special focus on "older" movies), but it also contains a full rippin' techno score by yours truly. Enjoy!

Here's some more links if you'd like to check out even more comparisons: - Check out their HD Battle section for the best DVD vs Blu-ray comparisons out there! - Now THESE guys (and gals) know what film is supposed to look like! And they'll shout to the heavens if a Blu-ray comes out that isn't up to par. Screens galore (search "PIX" to find a bunch of 'em), tons of useful info, and just generally a great bunch o' folks.

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