Jon Bon Jovi - Sex Sells Demos (Listening Party / New Jersey 1998)

Все видео канала hAnD902017-03-20 19:45

This was recorded at some fanclub anniversary bash where the fans were asked to rate the songs for a possible upcoming 3rd solo album.
Unfortunately it was played over the PA in the background while people kept talking, hence the rather mixed quality. I tried my best to at least get some of the talkin reduced by lowering some frequencies, but it was hardly doable.

Older [0:00]
Hush [4:42]
Save The World [8:32]
Shadow Dancing [14:02]
Good Ain't Good Enough [17:40]
Stay [22:49]
Real Life [27:04]
I Got The Girl [32:01]
You Can't Lose At Love [37:24]
Gimme Some [41:46]