EXO HURT (Luhan Kris and Tao version)

Все видео канала Aisah Akrion2016-02-07 02:30

Kris is a violent person, so the girl he loves left him. He was so desperate that time, causing him to hit Luhan with his car on his way home.

At first Luhan was angry at him "Why bother saving me?"
Until they became friends and shared their experiences. Luhan then revealed that his girl was kidnapped, and asks the help of Kris since Kris owes him.

Kris then asks the help of Tao, and the three of them helped to find her. Tao was so eager to help the 2, and was ready to risk his life. Luckily Kris came and shot their opponent (2:11)

(2:26) Kris realized that the girl whom they saved was the SAME GIRL WHO HURT HIM. So they fought and intend to separate ways.But Luhan's life is in danger, and Kris was there to save him.

"Our friendship is more important right?"

Ending Scene: Kris saw Luhan with his girl on a beach. And he let them be together. THE END.