THE VISIONARIES: Peter Morgan, screenwriter

Все видео канала Kinvara Balfour2018-03-15 17:52

Peter Morgan is one of the most prolific and successful playwrights and screenwriters of a generation. He also does very good impressions of people. He has written films including The Other Boleyn Girl, The Damned United, Longford, Frost/Nixon, Rush, The Last King of Scotland and The Queen, and plays including Frost/Nixon, and The Audience which gave rise to his latest blockbuster, Netflix's The Crown. For this global phenomenon, Peter has been commissioned to create Series 3 and 4; one hopes there will be more after that. Peter lives and works in London and is fond of The Beaumont's homemade chocolate bars. He is less fond of awards ceremonies and public adulation (but if you should see him, give him some anyway because he deserves lots).

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Filmed in ROOM by Antony Gormley at The Beaumont, London. With thanks to Jeremy King and all the kind staff at The Beaumont, and to Charles McDonald.

THE VISIONARIES ft. Peter Morgan
Filmed and directed by Kinvara Balfour
Produced by Kinvara Balfour
Sound by George Precious
Edited by Eric McEntee