Easiest YES Of My Life

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"Last night, on a plane in front of passengers, I got to say the easiest 'YES' of my life to my best friend! It still feels like a dream... I cannot explain how blessed I am to spend forever with Jon. We are so thankful for our family and friends—and especially thankful for God leading (or flying) us to each other. (Sorry to disappoint, but the wedding will not be on a plane!) I'm from Nashville, TN and Jon is from Minneapolis, MN.🙂 We met while working the same trip! We became pretty good friends, and then he eventually grew enough courage to ask me out on a date... which I happily accepted. Soon after, we started dating, and it's only gotten better since then. We are both now based in Detroit, and work almost every trip together. I think the best thing about working together, is always having someone to make layovers fun! As far as the proposal goes... I was NOT expecting it, whatsoever! Jon is a pretty quiet guy, so for him to get out in front of passengers and ask me to marry him, was so not like him. I could tell he was so nervous from the very first sentence, and I could tell something was going on. But to me, the proposal was beyond perfect. We spend so much time on planes, we have special memories on planes... So, it was absolutely perfect!"


Submitted by Lauren Michele Gibbs

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