Average Summoner's Rift - League of Legends Parody

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Let's see what our league friends got to show us this time...
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Simon: Hi this is my first animation, I mainly did this to learn about flash, it turn out decently but i i think i can do better, anyways if you liked it that brings me joy and make sure to leave a comment with any thoughts of what i could improve and whatever you like to say...

UPDATE THINGY 28/12/2015
First of all I want to thank all our viewers, those who liked this and those who hated it. For those who are wondering: "shit, this video is nice but the writing, those voices, that shitty nose, whatever, is boring as fuck...the fuck is wrong with you.." yeah I know, I just wanted to do something, anything so this was the first thing that went through my mind and it was terrible, I'd like to think i always knew it was boring, but I rather do something shitty than nothing at all, as i said before, THIS is my first animation EVER, I just wanted to get over my fear of "shit i wanna be an animator but i don't know anything, I have to learn a shit ton of Flash and animation, i just know how to barely draw" and I wanted to make a thing so ppl could start knowing us, in fact this animation served his porpose: Getting us to know on youtube and keeping myself busy learning the whole proccess of an animation, which i rather say went horrible, i had to do all the voices by myself, as you can hear i don't fit any character, I did't had a decent mic when i started this so i kinda recorded things mid way on the proyect when I managed to get one, also it was hard to find royalty free fitting music, all those thing, terrible mistakes, noob mistakes, from which I' learned a lot, like really a LOT, believe me if you stay with us you will see we can do a hundred times better, my next animation is almost done (yeah i said that a week ago), I really hope those who hate this stay and give me another chance and those who actually liked this and subscribed or shared it, we couldn't be more thankful, really I love you all, reaching 600k+ views and 10k subs made me so happy ...funny cause everyday all I wanted to delete this vid, i don't know it just feels bad and shameful, but now i just wanna keep going, long story short: This is bad, so what, we can do better, we will do better, thank you all subs and viewers, I love you all, Thank you...thanks.. Have a nice new year.

Music Credits:

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League of Legends - SUmmoner Rift - Riot