Gaspar Noe's Explicit 'Love' Sets Cannes Atwitter

Все видео канала Wochit Entertainment2015-05-21 15:09

The movies are in love with love, but they're often squeamish about sex.
That's not something that can be said about director Gaspar Noe, whose new film "Love" brings graphic sex — in myriad positions and permutations, in twosomes, threesomes and groups — to the Cannes Film Festival.
A depiction of turbulent youthful relationships, it's extremely explicit — and it's in 3-D. "Love" is full frontal, in-your-face filmmaking.
The director wants to smash the convention that keeps graphic eroticism out of mainstream cinema.
"I was making a film about love," Noe told reporters in Cannes Thursday. "It wasn't a film about Swiss banks or Scientology. What everyone has in common is their love of making love."

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