Vocaloid sing Anime songs! [Vocaloid Special -SP-Edition]

Все видео канала Lilly Valaroutsos2011-01-20 21:01


So this was included in Vocaloid 2 Hatsune Miku vol.4 and its rly nice so i thought i should upload it ^^
The images are found in vocaloid image packs that can be found online.
All credits go to the people that made them. I take no credit cuz i didnt make them. They are awesome tho so great work to whoever did.
I do NOT own vocaloid or this song or any of the content of this video. It was made purely for entertainement purposes.

Vocaloid that take part in this song are Miku, Luka, Rin and Len, KAITO, Gakupo, Meiko and some others whose names i don't know ^^

It contains a mix of many anime related songs. I am trying to find them and make a list but i fail as an anime fun so its pretty hard x.x. Whoever understands a song, plz feel free to say it :D

Enjoy the song :3