Russia - Chechens Hold Hostages In Hospital

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T/I: 10:23:39
Fear reigned in and around the southern Russian town of
Budennovsk on Friday (16/6) where Chechen rebels are holding some
1,000 people hostage in a local hospital.
budyonnovsk city sign
ws hospital with hostages inside
medical personnel hostages
civilian hostages
corridor of hostages
cu woman and child
more hostages
hostages in corridor
armed people in corridor
shots heard
rebel chechen leader Shamil Basayev
press ca
Shamil Basayev sot (russian) "we wanted to reach moscow, we were
not going to take budyonnovsk, but because of the greediness of
russian police we did not accomplish our task, because of these
sad circumstances buddyonnovsk became our hostage"
women crying
hostages running from the hospital, car speeds away
scenes around hospital with russian troops moving towards hospital
troops standing around
solider walking with firing in bg
trenches being dug
anti-artillery gun position

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