Irrlicht and other libs demo

Все видео канала Erebnyx2013-08-26 16:45

A little demo of Irrlicht working with other libraries. Stay until the end, there are fireballs :)

I coded the pathfinding of the dog using a simple A* with navmeshes computed from the Irrlicht scene nodes data. It's only the basic A*, I still have to implement path smoothing and real time adjustment.

Here's what I use :

Irrlicht (graphics engine) :
XEffects (Irrlicht plug-in for light/shadow/water)
CEGUI (UI engine) :
Bullet (physics engine) :
Caudio (sound engine) :
spider :
rock/ground textures :
plane tiles :
wooden crates :
skybox :
weeds :
background music :
fire sound :
npc :
table :
statue :
dog :
train :
I made the mountains meshes with Blender.

The video was taken with RecordMyDesktop and converted with Arista Transcoder. Sorry for the quality.