Sassy go go Ooon Halo appearances ep1

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These are Halo's member and song moments in ep1 of sassy go go (or cheer up)

Ok so when I watched Sassy go go ( which was a couple of years back) I had never heard of Halo so when I found out Ooon was in it i was so shocked! And i've never been able to find videos like this with Ooon's scenes so I decided to make one in cause anyone else was like me and wants to rewatch Ooon's scenes now they know who he is!!
His character in called Joon Soo!!

At 6:24 Heecheon and Jaeyong appear

Song played - Fever by HALO
Japanese ver -
Live Ver -

If you don't know HALO please check them out!!
Latest song:
My favorite MV of their's :
Immigration ep:
ASC 1st- 3rd appearance :
Adorable dance to shape of you:
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The quality's really bad soz ^ ^
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