What is it like on a porn set? - Porn Curious

Все видео канала Come Curious2016-06-19 18:35

Earlier this year we got the chance to see what it's like filming porn in a day, so we whipped out our cameras to bring you this! Our first ComeCurious documentary which we hope gives you a brief but more informed idea of what the porn industry looks like from the inside out.

We had such a great time, everyone was so lovely and the place had a really up beat atmosphere!

Massive thank you to:
Kaizen XXX & Dorcel
Liselle Bailey
Maddie Robins
Chris Rocks
Ally Brightwell
Dominic Ingram

Adult Performers:
Rebecca More
Tony De Sergio
Sienna Day
Adrian Dimas
Sam Bourne

Florence and Reed

Dominic Ingram, Florence and Reed

Let us know what you think and we hope to bring you more like this soon!

Photos on our tumblr here: http://comecurious.com/post/146156477943

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