Sarcastic Anime Trailers - Kakegurui (Your Average High-School)

Все видео канала Nux Taku2017-10-04 22:00

Kakeguri Trailer needed to be a thing, its apparently the hype show of the season aside from my hero academia season 2 and frankly i knew a gambling anime would be cool and there are yandere anime, harem anime, high school anime, BUT WHO KNEW THEY'D MIX ALL THAT?! from psycho's that collect fingernails to masterbating psychos with guns to blind psychos to THE PROTAGONIST WHO'S PSYCHO!!! WTF JAPAN!!!
here's the honest trailer
its totally getting a season 2 too, calling it... especially since Netlix licensed it too... well the final episode 12 came out last week so here ya go, as promised, sorta, its not sarcastic anime facts but it'll do