Sailing with 3 Girls in French Polynesia… (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 59

Все видео канала Sailing La Vagabonde2016-10-17 22:14

Yep. Just me and the girls. Whole lotta talking going on... also some amazing meals and I hadn't seen so much laughing on La Vagabonde probably ever. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we say goodbye to the talkative chefs and hello to some old friends.
Cheers, Boom Sizzle Larm.

Song Credits:
00:09 Summer Stars Instrumental - Wheeland Brothers Music
01:45 Just Take it Easy Instrumental - Wheeland Brothers Music
06:24 Shark Harbor Instrumental - Wheeland Brothers Music
08:29 When Will I See You Instrumental - Wheeland Brothers Music
09:36 Riding Along - Ryan Brady/Matt Ferrone
11:28 Bears Smoke Cigarettes - Malibu Creek
15:26 Let Go - Andrew Rothschild
16:07 Hide and Seek - Bernadine

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