Black Desert Online - Absolute - Kunoichi : Handbuster APM

Все видео канала Kyrandis2018-03-07 21:05

The absolute skills of Kunoichi and most classes brings back power strength to preawakening skills making them far more useful than previously than just being CC chains and now actually damaging techniques.

For Kunos Tendon Cutter is highly recommended imo, shadow stomp and Black moonlight are also highly useful. I haven't found any proper uses with Flash Slash as the attack is still very slow even at Absolute ranks. Shadow Slash is a nice addition but fairly dangerous to use in PvP due to lack of Super Armor but can be chained directly into SmokeScreen or Heart Aiming.

Ghost Greeting should be taken if you utilize that for movement along with Ankle Cutter as a followup combo into floorsweeping, in this order. The Shadowstomp cancel is a must between floorsweeping smokescreen or kunai throw. Though Kunai throw is nowhere near as strong as Floor sweeping with the down attack buff it grants as of Absolute's introduction.

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