TMNT/Monster High Crossover Minisode: Secrets Revealed

Все видео канала ♡Midnightfury2016-10-19 20:03

Thanks for watching! and this is the minisode i've been meaning to finish. but now, i have gotten a new computer and i dont have to wait to do more stopmotions and of course the clips from tmnt 2012 series will be more frequent :)


what happens here is that Cerise (Serenes mother), talks to Serene about Tigerclaw. she reveals that she does not trust him too much because of his criminal status and is not supportive of him coming to see Serene, despite him informing of the kraang invasion. Serene, therefore defends tigerclaw saying she doesnt know him like she does. (and for the most part that is true) i didnt include some parts so it'll be in the next minisode, what episode it revolves around i still havent decided but whenever i do a stopmotion minisode is not far from being uploaded so stay tuned!

More coming soon! :)