Triple Consciousness: "Mythologies of the Diva"

Все видео канала Brooklyn Museum2015-01-09 17:03

In this three-part series, guest scholars, educators, artists, writers, activists, and cultural workers engage in public dialogues exploring themes of black female identity in mainstream culture.

The second panel, "Mythologies of the Diva: Reexamining the Image of Black Women in Pop Culture," is moderated by human rights activist and broadcaster Shani Jamila, and uses the "Long Table" format, which invites the audience to the table for an informal dialogue with the panel discussants. Participants investigate the archetypal role of the diva in pop culture, and examine, criticize, and recreate a narrative around their own ideas of the diva as they pertain to black female identity. Panelists include performers April Matthis and Okwui Okpokwasili; Kameelah Rasheed, Creative Director of Mambu Badu and studio instructor at the Brooklyn Museum; Amanda Seales, artist and media culture critic; and Adaku Utah, founder of community healing space SouLar Bliss.

This event took place at the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday, November 8, 2014.