Hozho - DJ Mix 02

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Hozho - DJ Mix 02

One year after the release of my first DJ Mix and after its success, I decided that for my second DJ Mix I would have to do something better. So, unlike the DJ Mix 01, this set contains only original tracks and remixes that I made of my own tracks and tracks from the Brazilian talents Black Hertz and Plastic Robots. So, in this set you can understand my true essence, my musical style - Melodark Minimal.
On the other hand, I decided to do something different and I invited my friends to participate in DJ Mix 02 and make a live presentation, everything recorded by the cameras. Music, smiles, sun, beer, friendship... We had it all! Therefore, for those of you who were not present, grab a drink, relax and feel the music. I hope you like it!


1. Hozho – Requiescat In Pace (Original Mix)
2. Hozho – 898 (Original Mix)
3. Hozho – The Destroyer Of Worlds (Original Mix)
4. Hozho – Twists And Turns (Hozho Remix)
5. Hozho – Ex Machina (Original Mix)
6. Black Hertz – Insanity And Madness (Hozho Remix)
7. Plastic Robots – Paranoid (Hozho Remix)
8. Hozho – Existential Crisis (Original Mix)
9. Hozho – Whisper (Hozho Remix)


Worldwide: geral@baagency.pt
Argentina: chustek.german@gmail.com

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